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Jingmai Sun-Dried "Three Aroma" Bai Mu Dan White Tea Cake

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This is a Yun Kang #10 varietal tea growing in Jingmai area (Lancang County of Simao) that was picked an processed in early March.  The tea is picked, wilted briefly and then sun-dried.  There is no kill-green (pan frying) or rolling (cellular breaking), which gives this tea a natural sweetness and no real astringency.  Sweet taste, and thick and creamy in the mouth, this tea is referring to as "three aromas" as it's dry aroma, wet leaf aroma and cup aroma are all distinctive.

Fairly similar to Fuding Sun-Dried Bai Mu Dan in processing and aroma, but with a distinctive Yunnan character.

March 2018 Harvest

We've pressed this tea into cakes for storage and aging!

200 Grams per cake

5 cakes per bamboo leaf tong

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