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Fuding "Three Treasure" White Tea in Tangerine with Rice Stalk

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"Three Treasure" tea is a unique Fuding specialty tea that consists of Gong Mei Fuding White Tea, dried tangerine peel, and rice stalk.   The white tea after picking is packed into a tangerine peel and then tied close with a glutinous rice stalk.   The tea is then sun-dried for a an afternoon and then shade-dried for a week or longer before being individually packed into handy single serving packs.

Each little "treasure" is about 9 grams and should be brewed as a whole.  The rice stalk that is used to secure the tangerine peel and tea should can also be brewed with the tea and tangerine peel.  The rice stalk adds a grain/hay flavor that is pleasant.  If you find you prefer it without then simply cut it off or untie it and discard.

Treasure White tea brews a deep orange tea soup with notes of honey and citrus and is very smooth and lubricating!  It can be brewed many many times and still give flavor and takes very hot water was well.   

A unique treasure that also delivers a very pleasant tea drinking experience!

9 grams each (+/- 1 gram)

Please note:  Over time the oils from the peel may form a white frost on the peel.  This is not mold.   We won't take returns or offer refunds for that.  It's a feature not a flaw!

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