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2012 Bao Feng Xiang Ji "Gong Mei" White Tea Cake

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This is entirely 2012 spring harvested Gong Mei White Tea from Fuding area of Fujian. It was aged in a clean/dry storage condition until it was pressed on April 10th 2018, and then stored in Kunming thereafter.  

The taste of the tea is ultra smooth and sweet with notes of malt, sugarcane and the slightest vegetal umami taste.  It reminds me of a marriage of a tippy Yunnan Black tea and Bai Mu Dan.  The aging has made this tea something beautiful to experience.  Very thick and satisfying tea that is almost impossible to over brew.  This can be brewed western style as well with excellent results!  We also offer another Bao Feng Xian Ji 2015 Gong Mei cake here!

Gong Mei is considered to be 3rd grade Fuding White Tea, sharing character with both Bai Mu Dan and Shou Mei. 

Fuding Bai Cha In order of tippiest to coarsest:

1st Grade - Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needles)

2nd Grade - Bai Mu Dan

3rd Grade - Gong Mei

4th grade - Shou Mei


Varietal:  Fuding Da Hao

Harvest:  May 2012

Pressing:  April 10th 2018

300 Grams Per Cake (each cake comes in its own gift box).

***Box may be damaged in transit. No refunds or credits will be issued and no returns will be accepted for a damaged box. If you want a perfect box, please do not order this item since we cannot guarantee a box in perfect condition.***

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