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2018 Spring Old Arbor Yue Guang Bai Tea Cake * 200 grams

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Old arbor Jing Gu area camellia taliensis tea leaves were processed into this lovely lightly-wilted and then air-dried black/white tea and then pressed into these lovely 200 gram tea cakes.

Yue Guang Bai (Moonlight White) is a type of white tea that can also be processed more like a black tea (if allowed to wilt longer).  In the case of this Spring 2018 tea cake the processing allowed for more wilting giving the leaves a light brown color, and the tea soup a red color.  The taste is sugary and sweet with hints of flowers and lychee fruit.  If you smell the bottom of the cup or cha hai you may notice hints of red wine sweet and tannin smell!

Spring 2018 harvested tea

200 grams per cake, 5 cakes per tong

** picture of wrapper may differ slightly from actual wrapper!

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