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2018 Fuding "Shou Mei" White Tea Cake

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An ultra-smooth Shou Mei white tea!  Aged fpr1+ years in Fuding before being pressed in 2019.  Full-bodied, golden tea soup is viscous and mouth watering.  Sweet with honey and fruit character makes this a great choice for an easy drinking Shou Mei!   Drink now or age more!  

Shou Mei is considered to be 4th grade Fuding White Tea, sharing character with both Bai Mu Dan and Gong Mei. 

Fuding Bai Cha In order of tippiest to coarsest:

1st Grade - Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needles)

2nd Grade - Bai Mu Dan

3rd Grade - Gong Mei

4th grade - Shou Mei


Varietal:  Fuding Da Hao

Harvest:  May 2018, July 15th 2019 pressing

100 Grams per cake (7 Cakes Per Bamboo Leaf Tong)

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