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2016 Shun Ming Dao "Lao Bai Cha" Gong Mei White Tea Cake

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This is another great pressing from the Shun Ming Dao Brand pressed in 2018 from spring 2016 harvested Fuding Gong Mei white tea.

This is a high quality Gong Mei that is incredibly smooth to drink.  Deep and thick sweet fruity taste with a vanilla after-finish.  It's also very infusable (takes many steepings) and can also not be overbrewed.  It performs well brewed western style.  Take a chunk an throw in a thermos of hot water and hit the road.  An hour or more later you'll be rewarded with a thick creamy brew rich with spices and vanilla!

Smooth and creamy gong mei!  Don't let the coarse leaves of this tea fool you. It's very sweet and full bodied with a vanilla spicy sweetness.

There is a saying in Chinese in regards to aging white teas:   一年茶、三年药、七年宝 - First Year it's Tea, In the Third Year it's Medicine, after Seven Years it's Treasure!

Gong Mei is considered to be 3rd grade Fuding White Tea, sharing character with both Bai Mu Dan and Shou Mei. 

Fuding Bai Cha In order of tippiest to coarsest:

1st Grade - Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needles)

2nd Grade - Bai Mu Dan

3rd Grade - Gong Mei

4th grade - Shou Mei

2016 Spring harvest, 2018 pressing.

300 Grams Per Cake

We also offer a 2013 Shun Ming Dao "Shou Mei" White Tea Cake as well!

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