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Chaozhou Hong Ni "Qian Ceng" Clay Teapot by Zhang Shu Huang

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Chaozhou Hong Ni (red clay) has more than 6000 years of history.  It became more popular in the Tang and Song dynasties as a clay of choice for cookware and kettles for boiling water.  

Feng Xi area near Chaozhou (in Guangdong) is where the clay is mined.  It's a mountainous area and the clay mined there is very fine and is easy to work when it's mixed with water. Typically the clay is worked on a wheel. Chaozhou Hong Ni after firing takes on a deep red-orange color and a natural sheen.  The finer the clay used the more sheen the pot has.  The clay has a very high level of iron oxide, it's very pliable and after firing contracts about 15%.  Firing temperatures used in the local kilns are close to 1000 celsius.

The clay has a metallic sound when tapped together.  The clay is highly porous but without allowing water to escape or soak in deeply.

Chaozhou Hong Ni pots are excellent for all teas, but a perfect choice for Dan Cong Oolongs.

Volume: 100ml(+/-15ml)

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