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Yi Mei Ren Wu Liang Mountain Yunnan Black Tea

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"Yi Mei Ren" (彝美人) means literally Yi (Minority) Beauty. This tea is named "Yi Mei Ren" as its made from Wu Liang Mountain material, an area inhabited primarily by Yi Minority people and bears similarity to both and oolong and a black tea in its fragrance and taste. Yunnan large-leaf varietal material is used and the tea is wilted and fermented like a black tea, but for a longer period of time with several intervals of vigorously shaking the leaves. This promotes more thorough wilting/fermentation and leads to it's darker color.

The brewed tea is highly aromatic with a chocolaty sweet taste with no noticeable astringency. The tea liquor is super clear and deep gold with tinges of red if brewed longer. Due to the higher level oxidization this tea can be stored for several years with subtle changes in aroma and flavor. 

Production time: Mid-March

Region: Wu Liang Mountain area of Jingdong

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