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2016 Cha Nong Hao "Ba Wang" Old Arbor Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

Original price $11.50 USD - Original price $170.50 USD
Original price
$11.50 USD
$11.50 USD - $170.50 USD
Current price $11.50 USD

This is a special production of Bu Lang area old arbor pu-erh tea picked in the first flush of spring from a secret location in the Bu Lang Mountains.  This was pressed by a close friend and he's made 20 kilograms (of the 40 total kilograms) available to me to offer.  He refers to it as "Ba Wang" (霸王) which means something like "Overlord" or "Despot" or "Badass King".  

This is a strong tea that reveals itself through it bitterness, pungency, overpowering cha qi and thick long-lasting mouth-feel.  This is certainly a tea that will remind you much of Lao Ban Zhang and I suspect its from that general area.  I hate to even mention LBZ because of the stir it creates when it's name is invoked.  I'd rather like to think this tea is better in some regards.  The raw unabashed power that it wields is ineffable.  It's at once both overpowering and wonderful to experience!

This is a white label tea, but pressed by the same person who is responsible for the Cha Nong Hao Brand pressings.  There is no nei fei or date stamp!


Spring 2016 First Flush material from Bu Lang area of Menghai

200 Grams per cake

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