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2015 Hai Lang Hao "You Le" Old Arbor Raw Pu-erh Tea

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Original price
$14.25 USD
$14.25 USD - $451.00 USD
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In Hai Lang's own words:


This is the first time I have produced You Le Mountain tea since 2005!  Our 2005 You Le Mountain tea (available here) was an excellent tea and has aged well, but the care with which this year's tea was processed and the age of the trees makes the 2015 tea an all-around superior tea!


This year's You Le Mountain tea is from a village-owned cooperative tea forest with many old trees and with strict ecological protections in place.  The environment where these trees is natural and bio-diverse.  The age of the trees is between 100 and 400 years of age.


The tea when brewed comes on strong with a thick aroma and viscous tea soup.  The cha qi and feeling in the mouth gives up it's "wild feeling".  The tea enters the mouth and we feel it's sticky viscous nature and then notice it's sweetness filling us up!   The tea gives a mouth watering effect and the feeling in the mouth and throat lasts for an hour or more after the tea session is completed.


Offering this tea from a village run cooperative echological tea garden gives us great hope for the future.  This structure works to produce superior quality tea and safeguards the overall environment of the living tea forest!



400 grams per cake (7 cakes per bamboo tong) 

2015 Spring Material, 2015 Pressing

Pressed with Stone Press in the traditional manner


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