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2005 Hai Lang Hao “Mo Tian Yin Hao” Raw Pu-erh Tea of Lincang

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Mo Tian Mountain is little know mountainous area between Jing Gu and Zhenyuan in the prefecture of Simao. The area’s varietal is a large leaf varietal (var. Assamica) quite different from Jing Gu’s Camellia Taliensis, and is much smaller in size. Mo Tian Mountain teas are usually picked earlier in the spring and in one leaf to 1 bud ratio. This also has been dry stored in Shanghai since 2005 and is Spring 2005 spring tea leaves. The size and taste of the brewed leaves reveals this tea as being from old plantation bushes 50 to 80 years in age. Hai Lang who personally visited this area in 2005 confirms that most of Mo Tian area is old plantation growing relatively un-tended.
The brewed leaves are dark green in color, tending towards brown because of age. The aroma is subtle with sugarcane and grass hints. The tea soup is golden yellow with some tendency towards orange. The mouth-feel is cooling and expansive and stays in the mouth after drinking. There is some astringency still in this tea but with a few more years of aging this will transform the tea into something even more textured and satisfying!

Cake weight: 357 grams
Vintage: Spring 2005
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