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High Mountain "Mo Li Xiang" Old Bush Dan Cong Oolong Tea

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Our Mo Li Xiang Dan Cong (茉莉香/Jasmine Aroma) is harvested from a cluster of old bushes at an altitude of 810 meters in the Wu Dong mountains.  It's among the most premium and rare of any Dan Cong we have ever tried.  Just under 500 grams in total was harvested this spring (first flush).  We are offering 36 small canisters with just 13 grams each.

The taste is thick, full-bodied with many textured layers that stimulate the whole mouth and body!  Floral, sweet, bitter (with a fast hui gan) and fruity!  Although this is called "Jasmine Aroma" in Chinese there is NO use jasmine flowers or essences in this tea.  It's naturally quite floral.  Last many steeps and imparts a delightful robust cha qi!

13 grams of tea in each ceramic canister!

Note:  Due to the roasted nature of these teas we always recommend you consider purchasing last year's harvest (when available), or purchase and hold to age for a year.

Origin of the Name:  Jasmine Fragrance Single-Estate tea derives its name from its aroma. When brewed, it naturally exudes the fragrance of jasmine flowers, hence the name.

The tea trees that produce jasmine fragrance are grown in the Maoyixi area of Fengxi District at an elevation of approximately 810 meters. They were selected as single plants from the natural hybrid offspring of the Phoenix Water Narcissus population. These tea plants belong to the category of sexually propagated plants.

If single-estate teas are considered rare and precious, then Jasmine Fragrance Single-Estate tea is the jewel among them. Records in "Chinese Fenghuang Tea" and "Atlas of Chinese Fenghuang Tea" mention ancient tree Jasmine Fragrance Single-Estate teas in Maoyixi and Zhuliu.

Jasmine Fragrance Single-Estate tea is a "noble tea" within the single-estate tea category, known for its limited quantity and rarity.

Tea Tree Characteristics:  The tea trees are approximately 150 years old, with a height of 3.4 meters and a semi-spreading canopy measuring 3.2x2.5 meters. They have eight main branches near the ground, and the branching density is relatively sparse. The leaves grow obliquely on the branches. The mature leaves are 10 centimeters long and 4.6 centimeters wide, elliptical in shape, smooth on the leaf surface, green in color, slightly inwardly folded, thick and firm in texture, and gradually taper towards the leaf tip. There are 10 pairs of lateral veins, and the leaf margins are finely and shallowly serrated, with 37 pairs of serrations. The leaf edges have a slight wavy pattern.

Quality Characteristics:

  • Appearance: Similar to most Phoenix Single-Estate teas, the tea leaves are tightly curled, dark brown, and glossy.
  • Aroma: The internal aroma is rich, with a distinct jasmine fragrance that captivates the senses.
  • Tea Infusion Color: Bright orange-yellow.
  • Taste: Sweet and smooth, with a rich and layered profile.
  • Tea Leaves: Thick, soft, and shiny, with a green center and red edges.
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