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2017 Gao Ma Er Xi "Liang Bai Dan" Fu Brick Tea of Hunan

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 Gao Mao Er Xi Tea Factory was started in 2007 in An Hua County of Hunan and specializes in Hei Cha (Fu Brick, Hei Brick, Qian Liang and Tian Jian). 

This particular tea won an honorary spot with a score of 95.6% at the 15th Global Tea Fair. 

Liang Bai Dan (两百担) means 200 x 50 kilograms.  Dan 担 is an older measurement used in pre-war China that is equal to 50 kilograms today.  In 1953 after the end of WW2, Mao gifted 200担 of An Hua tea to Stalin.

This particular Fu Brick is made from high quality An Hua tea and contains the "Golden Flowers" as is typical of Fu Brick. The taste is rich and full, with notes of malt and slight caramel/smoke.  It reminds me of a cross between a Fu Brick and Tian Jian (also from An Hua).  Incredibly unique Fu Brick, unlike any other I've ever had!

You can watch a short segment about this tea in Chinese here!

1 Brick in Box is 1000 grams

ALLERGEN ALERT!!!   ** Because there is a possibility that this tea has golden flowers in it, and that golden flowers were produced by inoculating wheat flour we cannot guarantee this tea is safe for those with Celiac Disease or those that have severe gluten induced allergies **

***Box may be damaged in transit. No refunds or credits will be issued and no returns will be accepted for a damaged box. If you want a perfect box, please do not order this item since we cannot guarantee a box in perfect condition.***

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