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2008 Hei Shan "Old Tree Raw" Liu Bao Tea

Original price $8.25 USD - Original price $64.00 USD
Original price
$8.25 USD
$8.25 USD - $64.00 USD
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This is a small producer Liu Bao made entirely from 2008 Spring Harvest tea from Hei Shan in Wuzhou county! The tea has been aged entirely in Wuzhou, and although well-aged is not musty at all.

This is a raw Liu Bao that has not been wet piled at all. The processing is similar to raw pu-erh processing, but the aging as loose leaf in the relatively hot and humid Guangxi conditions has transformed this tea into something delicious and unique, not unlike a well aged loose leaf pu-erh mao cha.

It's not a graded Liu Bao, meaning it was picked with leaf and buds together and was never separated into different leaf grades. This means you get the tea in the form that has the most depth and completeness with this tea!

Highly recommend affordable aged Liu Bao with good body, mouth-feel and tons of character!

500 Grams Box (there is a paper pouch inside the box that holds the tea)

If you order less than 500 grams you will get the tea in our standard resealable silver pouches.

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