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Anxi Oolong Tea - Spring 2021

Anxi is a famous tea producing region near the coast in southern Fujian Province of China. Oolong tea plants are ubiquitous throughout the countryside and grow abundantly in the fertile soil. Harvesting occurs mainly in the Spring and Autumn. After picking the tea it goes through elaborate processing involving withering, tossing, and rolling. Depending on the intention of the producer these teas can also be roasted. There are light, medium, and heavy styles of roasting and all have a market among tea lovers. As a result of modern demands, the teas produced tend to be much less roasted and much more green, floral and sweet. Major tea types from Anxi include the famous tieguanyin, and the lesser known mao xie and ben shan oolongs as well as huang jin gui and the newly developed jinguanyin. For over 10 years we have been working with family farmers who have been growing and making tea for many generations in the Anxi region. Taste from our comprehensive offering of Anxi teas and experience the breadth of flavors from nectar sweet, to toasted nuttiness. These are a treat!

Anxi Oolong Processing Styles:

Tuō suān 拖酸 - This processing style uses a longer withering time and as a result fermentation (发酵) is more profound, giving a strong/high aroma, thick taste that enters and fills the mouth quickly.  Our Imperial Tie Guan Yin (and Jin Guan Yin) and Competition Tie Guan Yin is processed in the Tuō suān style.

Xiāo qīng 销青 aka Xiāo suān 销酸 - This processing style is basically the same as Tuō suān 拖酸 but with a somewhat shorter withering time (凉青).  The resulting taste is thick, fast to develop in the mouth, but a bit lighter and creamier than Tuō suān 拖酸.  Our AA Premium Tie Guan Yin is processed in a Xiāo qīng style.

Xiāo zhèng 销正 - This processing style has the shortest withering time and the lowest degree of fermentation (发酵).   Our Fancy Grade Tie Guan Yin is processed in this style.

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