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Rice Scent and Ripe Pu-erh Tea Mini Bricks

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$5.50 USD
$5.50 USD - $62.75 USD
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We've been searching for a premium single serving rice scent and ripe pu-erh tea, and we've found it with this premium offering!  This is a blend of 2017 wet-piled Yong De ripe pu-erh tea and 2019 harvested rice scent herb. 

The ripe tea was aged as loose leaf tea after wet-piling and has almost entirely lost it's wet pile taste.  The rice scent herb has been added in just the right amount, creating a well balanced tea!  The ripe pu-erh is sweet, fruity, and earthy and the rice scent herb gives it more depth, sweetness, and of course that signature glutinous rice texture, taste, and aroma!

Nuo Mi Xiang (糯米香 Semnostachya menglaensis H. P. Tsui) is the Chinese name for Sticky Rice Herb.  Nuo Mi Xiang is a natural herb that grows in Yunnan and has natural rice scent and taste!

Each mini brick is individually wrapped and weighs roughly 7 grams each!  The mini bricks are not too tightly compressed and come apart without too much fuss after a few steeps!

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