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2005 CNNP "Big Yellow Mark" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

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Original price
$10.00 USD
$10.00 USD - $94.50 USD
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Big Yellow Mark (lit. Da Huang Yin) is a CNNP labelled tea from a small producer in Menghai.  The tea is a blend of Nan Nuo and Bu Lang Mountain Spring 2005 tea.  The tea has been stored in a "dry Guangdong" condition for 12 years and has developed a nice aged feel to it.  The bitterness and astringency of it's origin is still there but has largely (but not entirely) been transformed into something floral, sweet, and broth-like.  A lot of complexity and very thick viscous tea soup and long lasting full mouth-feeling. 

I recommend this tea for those who like to drink semi-aged teas or want to take shortcut on the longer term aging by buying something semi-aged.  Another 10 years in a good pumidor or storage condition will transform this powerful tea into something that can be enjoyed as a truly aged tea!

 ** Some wrappers may be bug-bitten with little holes in the paper. There may also be some dust between the wrapper and the cake. Rinse tea once or twice briefly before drinking! If you are squeamish please don't order this tea!

357 grams per cake, 7 cakes per bamboo leaf tong

No date stamp!

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