Zi Ni Purple Clay "Wan Hu" Yixing Teapot * 220ml

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Yi Xing clay (or ore) can be divided into three basic categories - "Zi Sha (Purple Sand)," "Pearl Mud (Zhu Ni)", and "Group Mud (Duan Ni)" (Some people might use Green Mud instead of Group Mud, but since Duan Ni is a mix of Zi Sha and Green Mud, we will just use Duan Ni) and knowing some geological terminology as well.  First of all, Yi Xing is a sedimentary geological environment that was form between 540 to 190.4  million years ago.  From this environment we can find sedimentary rocks such as Argillaceous Siltstone , Silty Mudstone, and Clayey Mudstone. 


From here we begin the exploration of Yi Xing ores, and the very basic concept we should realize about Zi Sha, Zhu Ni, and Duan Ni, is that there are a lot of subcategories under each of these main categories.


For Zi Sha, we will encounter different types such as "Pin Zi," "Tian Chin", "Qing Shui," and so on. As long as the original ores fit the geological classification as "Argillaceous Siltstone," these ores will be considered "Zi Sha" clay.  This type of ore is very hard like a stone, It also has a rough texture when held in the hand.  In short, Zi Sha ore is very "rocky" looking and feeling. 

Mining area: western Fudong township of Yixing city
Kiln temperature: approx. 1040 C.
Contraction: approx. 45%-55%.

Appropriate for brewing: fresh Oolong teas (light roasted types) are extremely well-suited, Tie Guan Yin (medium roasted or highly roasted types), various kinds of Pu-erh.

[Product Name]  Wan Hu teapot

[Capacity]  220ml


Handmade and kiln roasted at the perfect temperature. It has a fine gloss and a delightful delicate red color. Breathes well and is easy to cultivate through brewing tea. It will only increase in beauty as it ages. This teapot has a dignified and traditional shape.  Its handle and spout are well-proportioned. This is a product of exquisite craft – simple and refined. It has a tight-fitting lid and a smooth flow of liquid. Practical and useful, this is a product of the highest value.


[Artist's Name and Background]  

Wang Ting is a graduate of the Yixing Academy of Clay Arts.  She was born and raised in Beijing but moved to Yixing to study there at the age of 18.  She has studied under Wang Jian Ying and Zhang Xue Lan for more 15 years and has gained the experience needed to make high quality pots in the classic styles.  Her style could be summarized by the statement "Elegance in Simplicity".


Every pot is hand-made and the artisan will sometimes change the stamps they use. There may also be some slight differences in the color, handle shape, and volume. It's not possible for us to re-take the pictures for each new batch of teapots that we receive from this artisan. Some differences in the color and shininess of the actual teapot you receive as compared to the one in the photographs may also be due to light conditions when the photographs are taken. Thanks for your understanding!