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Yixing Clay Large Mug for Brewing and Drinking Tea * 340ml

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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This high-quality duel-colored clay mug is specially designed for convenient personal use. Features a circular-filter which helps to keep the leaves at the bottom of the mug. As directly brewing and drinking tea in a mug like this is not considered "gong fu cha", the amount of tea leaves used does not have to be as much as put in a gaiwan.


We recommend:

1. Placing about 3g of leaves into the bottom of the mug

2. Filling one-third of the mug with water up to the circular-filter

3. Draining the water to rinse the leaves (the circular-filter will help keep the leaves in the mug)

4. Filling the mug up to near the top and putting the lid on

5. After brewing for 1 - 2 minutes the tea is ready to be directly drunk from the mug

6. Add more hot water when the level of the water nears 1/3 full - this will help retain the flavor of the tea for multiple refills.


Experiment with different leaf-amounts for different teas to find an amount that suits your personal tastes. As this is made from Yixing clay, it is semi-porous and will absorb the flavors and aromas of the tea that you frequently brew in it, therefore we recommend first seasoning this mug and then sticking to one class of tea for dedicated use.

A convenient mug for both home and office use!

Inscription: 问道 'Wen Dao' - 'Seeking Knowledge'