Wu Yi Shan "Que She 928" Rock Oolong Tea

$9.25 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

"Que She" aka Sparrow's Tongue, is natural mutated offspring of a Da Hong Pao varietal growing in Jiu Long Ke for centuries.  It was discovered in the 80's but a Wu Yi local who noticed a couple of the Da Hong Pao bushes in the Jiu Long Ke garden yielded considerably smaller leaves and were also slightly darker in color.  He single batch processed the tea and the result was something quite different from the other Da Hong Pao bushes.  He took cuttings from these two bushes and naming them "Sparrow's Tongue" he propagated them in several other Wu Yi gardens as a distinct varietal.

Our "Que She 928" is from F1 (first generation) bushes growing for about 20 years already.  The tea is expertly processed with medium level of oxidation.  The result is a lovely complex tea with notes of vanilla, carob, and lychee.  This is a tea that can be aged with excellent results.

May Harvest