Wu Dong Mountain "Cao Lan" Dan Cong Oolong from Jiao Di Village * Spring 2017

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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Cao Lan is a special varietal grown only in Jiao Di Village in the Wu Dong mountainous area of Guangdong, and as such the entirety (worldwide) of Cao Lan Dan Cong tea is produced by less than 20 families with an output of less than 300 kilograms per harvest.  Cao Lan (草兰) varietal is medium-large leaf size with obvious ridges, the leaves are sturdy and thick and require extra rolling and breaking during processing.

The word "Cao Lan / 草兰" is a type orchid-like flower called Cymbidium elegans.  Our Cao Lan Dan Cong has something akin to this aroma and flower taste. It also has a very vibrant honey sweetness to counter the subtle floral vegetal bitterness.  Again very difficult to describe this tea, it just makes an impression that is very memorable and dream-like.  The world of Dan Cong is truly "博大精深"!

May 2016 harvest

Cao Lan Varietal

Altitude: 1200 meters

Area: Jiao Di Village, Wu Dong Shan, Guangdong