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Wood-Fired Duan Ni Clay "Shi Piao" Yixing Teapot

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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This is a Duan Ni clay teapot entirely hand-made into the classic Shi Piao style.  After firing the tea teapot was then fired in a traditional Yixing wood-fired kiln for 3 Days.  The effect of the wood firing and ash in the kiln gives this teapot a unique pattern and lovely sheen.

So what is Duan Ni? In written Chinese, there are two letters for it. The first character is "緞", which means silk. It has a very similar pronunciation with "團" (Tuan) at Yi Xing, so this name probably came from literai at the time who thought "silk" would sound more elegant.

The second character is "團", which means "mass".  This name basically describes the geological character of it, indicating it is a "mass of different ores."  These different ores could be "Zi Ni" and "Green Mud," or "Zhu Ni" and "Green Mud" (which very rarely happen).  You might notice already, "Green Mud" plays a very important role in Duan Ni.  The composition of Duan Ni must have Green Mud in it, and must contain more than the other ores such as Zi Sha or Zhu Ni to classified as "Duan Ni".  Duan Ni is a type of sedimentary rock that's a combination of Argillaceous Siltstone and Silty Mudstone. This gives Duan Ni an almost a clay-like texture on the surface when contact with skin, unlike Zi Sha's rocky/hard feeling, but still relatively more robust when compared to Zhu Ni.

To learn more about Duan Ni click here!

Volume: 200ml ( +/- 10ml )
Maker: Tang Zhang 唐章

Clay Type: Yellow Dragon Mountain, Ben Shan Duan Ni Clay
Mining area: western Fudong township of Yixing city

Appropriate for brewing: Roasted Oolongs, Raw Pu-erh, Fu Zhuan, Tian Jian, Liu Bao or Ripe Pu-erh Tea

This teapot by Tang Zhang was created by a combination of hand-work and molding.  The shape is elegant and seamless, lid fit is tight and spout intake is flat on the inside (not ball-filter).

Every pot is hand-made and the artisan will sometimes change the stamps they use. There may also be some slight differences in the color, handle shape, and volume. It's not possible for us to re-take the pictures for each new batch of teapots that we receive from this artisan. Some differences in the color and shininess of the actual teapot you receive as compared to the one in the photographs may also be due to light conditions when the photographs are taken. Thanks for your understanding!