Winter Harvest "Snowflake Song Zhong" Dan Cong Oolong Tea

$7.25 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Phoenix Village is the home the to original four surviving "Song Zhong" trees that have been growing there since the Song Dynasty.  Song Zhong is a naturally occurring hybrid of Shui Xian (grown in the Wu Yi Mountains).  Song Zhong is often called "Sweet Potato Dan Cong" and has a sweet nectar like taste.

Our Middle Mountain Song Zhong is from 50 year old trees growing naturally next to the Feng Xi Reservoir at about 700 meters altitude  

Creamy, vegetal, thick, complex and long-lasting this would be a good addition to lovers of serious Dan Cong Oolong.

Winter Harvest Dan Cong is also called "Snowflake Dan Cong" (雪片单枞) and has the lowest harvest quantity per bush of any Dan Cong.

Winter Harvested "Song Zhong" is the best candidate for super light oxidation, giving it a very green leaf with a fruity and floral aroma/taste and a creamy mouth-feel.