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Wild Arbor Feng Qing Black tea * Pure Assamica * Autumn 2013

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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This Autumn we visited several areas of Lincang, including Feng Qing county.  We asked a local friend who has a small family tea garden with 60 to 80 year old tea trees growing naturally to pick and process their tea into a special kind of black tea.  The tea was picked, briefly wilted, fried, then wilted again for about 24 hours before being dried in the shade. 

The brewed tea is floral and sweet with a nice bitter and astringent mouth-feel to bring it into balance.  Thick stout leaves and stems with prominent large buds make this tea very infusable.  A sure bet for aging over the years, it will develop many rich textures and nuances.

This is 100% pure Assamica, same as is used for pu-erh production!  Not a hybrid tippy varietal!  Very infusable and nice rich flavor!

Autumn 2013 harvest