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Wengé Wood "Gourd Vase" 6 piece Cha Dao Set for Gong Fu Tea

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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A simple but elegant "cha dao" 6-piece set! Made from wenge wood, an african hardwood which is very durable! The wood has not been finished with any lacquer!

This set includes:

- Vase (holds the tools - 11cm tall)

- Tongs (holding and washing cups - 17cm long)

- Pick (cleaning the spout of your teapot - 16cm long)

- Spoon (loading your teapot or gaiwan - 16cm long)

- funnel (round piece with hole, this goes over the mouth of the teapot to help get the tea in.

- digger wimble (removes the spent tea leaves from your teapot - 16cm long)