Traditional Charcoal Roasted "Da Hong Pao" Wu Yi Rock Oolong Tea

$8.50 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

So many varietals of Oolong are grown in Wu Yi, but the most famous is Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe).  Despite Da Hong Pao being so well-known it's very hard to find a good quality Da Hong Pao, much less a Da Hong Pao that's been charcoal roasted in the traditional manner.  Most heavy roasted Da Hong Pao is done in an electric oven and is done to disguise the inferior quality of the tea leaves.  In the case of this offering, the roasting has been done with great care using charcoal roast the tea, but done over several months with several resting periods in between.  Each time the roasting is done the tea is transformed into something darker, sweet and complex that it was before.  The final roasting on this tea was done in Late July, but then stored for another 1.5 months to allow the roasted flavor to settle and transform!

The brewed tea soup is red-orange in color, very clear and bright.  The aroma is that of dried fruit and dark chocolate, and the taste also has dark chocolate notes with a cannabis ala mushroom and beef broth dimension to it.  The early infusions have a roasted character to them which is not at all unpleasant.  The middle infusions are a balance of roasted and dark chocolate/honey sweetness.  Later infusions are smooth, sweet and still surprisingly complex.  This tea is very infusable and will age wonderfully if kept sealed.  The roasted taste will fade over time leaving something powerful, stimulating and textured that will surely delight you for years to come!