Tie Luo Han "Iron Arhat" Premium Wu Yi Shan Rock Oolong tea * 2016

$8.50 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Tie Luo Han (铁罗汉) or Iron Arhat is a rare varietal of Wu Yi Mountain Rock tea.  It's one of the 4 "Si Da Ming Cong" or most well known Wu Yi rock teas which also include Da Hong Pao, Shui Jin Gui and Bai Ji Guan.

Tie Luo Han is lightly processed... the leaves are green with some brown and the tea brews up a bright golden tea soup.  The taste is floral and sweet with ineffable nectar-like complexity!  

A highly rare and unique tea that surely won't disappoint!

May 2016 harvest, final roast done in August 2016.