Three Cranes "Chu Xin" Traditional Liu Bao Tea from Wuzhou

$28.50 USD

Brand: Three Cranes Brand (Wuzhou Tea Factory)

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Weight: 1 Tin (150 Grams)

_This is a premium production done in the traditional medium level fermented Liu Bao tea from the oldest producer of Liu Bao in Guangxi (Three Cranes / Wuzhou Tea Factory). Much like ripe pu-erh tea, liu bao is wet piled for for several weeks to allow fermentation to take place. The degree of fermentation depends on the amount of time the tea is wet piled and can differ depending on the intended outcome.  After completion in 2013, the tea was stored carefully in Wuzhou and then in September of 2016 it was packaged into the lovely tins you see in the pictures.  The tea can be enjoyed now, no further aging is needed, but further aging would benefit the tea.


The name of this production "Chu Xin" means "Foremost in the Heart" and reflects the fine and exquisite nature of this tea.  Unlike many older Liu Bao teas this one has not been wet stored and retains much of the original betel nut and camphor notes that exist due to the quality of the tea and careful processing.  The tin it comes in has small holes on the side to allow for airflow and for moisture to enter and escape.  If you want a Liu Bao to age, then this one is highly recommended!  No need to open the tin, just purhase and store!


150 grams per tin

Region:  Wuzhou in Guangxi

Producer:  Three Cranes  / Wuzhou Tea Factory