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Single Tree "Song Zhong" Dan Cong Oolong Tea * Spring 2016

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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Phoenix Village is the home the to original four surviving "Song Zhong" trees that have been growing there since the Song Dynasty.  Song Zhong is a naturally occuring hybrid of Shui Xian (grown in the Wu Yi Mountains).  Song Zhong is often called "Sweet Potato Dan Cong" and has a sweet nectar like taste.

Our Song Zhong Dan Cong comes from a single tree that is 150 years old growing naturally in Phoenix village.  The tea is lightly processed to preserve it's green-ness so that the subtleties of the aroma and taste can be enjoyed more fully.  Song Zhong is a very rare Dan Cong with just a few acres under cultivation.  The bigger/older trees only produce 2 to 3 kilograms per harvest.  Our Spring 2016 production is a single tree harvest with only 2500 grams in total (2.5 kg).  It is very natural and pure tea with a unique taste that you won't find in other Dan Cong oolongs.