SAMA Portable Gong Fu Insulated Glass Flask

$26.00 USD

Brand: Samadoyo

Want to to take your gong fu session on the road?  This is the perfect separated flask system that is insulated (dual layer glass) and isn't hot to the touch on the outside (but keeps your tea hot on the inside)!

Instructions for use:

  1. Add hot water to the bottom (larger) section.  Fill about 2/3 full.  Add your tea leaves to the top (smaller) section.
  2. Screw on top part to make a good seal between the two sections
  3. Rotate gradually until the hot water enters the smaller section.
  4. Allow time for the infusion and when ready rotate again until the brewed tea enters back into the larger section.  
  5. Unscrew the top section and enjoy your tea!


  1. Although this is very durable it's glass and can break. When you've got hot water in it be careful not to knock it or break it.  
  2. If at any point it becomes damaged or cracked (or the seals leak) discontinue use!
  3. Make sure the seals are tight before tilting it so the hot water doesn't leak out!
  4. When you separate the two sections of the flask there maybe some hot steam that could escape. Since the larger section should never be completely full (just need it to be 2/3 full to fill the top brewing chamber) this will lessen the risk of built-up pressure.


Bottom section volume is 240ml

Top section volume is 170ml

21.5cm tall and 7.4cm diameter

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Video courtesy of SAMADOYO.