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Roasted AA Grade Dan Cong Oolong tea * Mi Lan Xiang

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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AA grade Dan Cong from Wu Dong Mountain in Guangdong.  The tea is expertly processed from first flush of Autumn 2014 tea leaves.  Roasted with charcoal to enhance the natural "Mi Lan Xiang" (lit. Honey and Orchid) aroma and taste.

The brewed tasted belies it's roasting and has a honey orchid sweetness with a roasted corn edge.  There is a oily thickness in the mouth throughout the session and the taste/feeling of the tea remains (pleasantly) in the mouth.  With age the obvious roasted taste will develop into more subtle textured sweetness with fruit depth.

Can be infused 10 or more times without going flat!