Qing Shui Ni "Fang Gu" Yixing Clay Teapot * 120ml

$77.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

The clay of this teapot is a 100% pure Huang Long Shan Qin Shui Ni, is common clay in Yi Xing. Qin Shui Ni could be literally translated as "Clear Water Mud" in English. It basically stands for those ore that is not "specially selected or blended" so the color and feeling of this clay is more primitive as well, which represents the classical character of Yi Xing clay. Unlike a Zhu Ni clay teapot, this clay delivers a more "general" taste to the teas, which makes this teapot a perfect companion for any roasted teas, black tea or pu-erh tea!


Volume is 120ml


Artist's Name and Background:  

Wang Ting is a graduate of the Yixing Academy of Clay Arts.  She was born and raised in Beijing but moved to Yixing to study there at the age of 18.  She has studied under Wang Jian Ying and Zhang Xue Lan for more 15 years and has gained the experience needed to make high quality pots in the classic styles.  Her style could be summarized by the statement "Elegance in Simplicity".


* Please note that the actual color of clay may be darker than it appears in our pictures.  The professional photographer that took these pictures uses very bright lights to illuminate the teapots.

** The artist will often change the arrangement of the stamps on the handle and bottom of the teapot.