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Qing Shui Ni "Bian Fang Gu" Yixing Clay Teapot * 120ml

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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The clay of this teapot is a Qing Shui Ni clay, which is a common clay in Yixing. Qing Shui Ni could be literally translated as "Clear Water Mud" in English. It basically stands for those ore that is not "specially selected or blended," so the color and feeling of this clay is more primitive as well, which represents the classical character of Yixing clay.  "Qing Shui Ni" (清水泥).  It is a very common material for Yixing teapots, making it a foundational ore, which supports the economy of Yixing production even today.

Mining area: western Fudong township of Yixing city
Kiln temperature: approx. 1090 C.
Contraction: approx. 43%-52%.

Appropriate for brewing: Roasted Oolongs, Aged Raw Pu-erh, Fu Zhuan, Tian Jian or Ripe Pu-erh Tea


Volume is 120ml


Artist's Name and Background:  

Yan Li has been making pots and other Yixing Pottery items in his father's studio since he was just a young boy.  He also graduated from Yixing University and holds a 1st certification in Yixing Pottery.  His father Yan Fu Hong is a well-known teapot artist whose works have been given as gifts to visiting diplomats from Thailand, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.  Yan Li's works are meticulous with clean lines and near-perfect symmetry.


Every pot is hand-made and the artisan will sometimes change the stamps they use. There may also be some slight differences in the color, handle shape, and volume. It's not possible for us to re-take the pictures for each new batch of teapots that we receive from this artisan. Some differences in the color and shininess of the actual teapot you receive as compared to the one in the photographs may also be due to light conditions when the photographs are taken. Thanks for your understanding!