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Qian Li Xiang "Thousand Mile Aroma" Wu Yi Rock Oolong Tea * Spring 2018

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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Qian Li Xiang 千里香 (lit. Thousand Mile Fragrance) is a unique varietal grown in the "Zheng Yan" Zhu Ke 竹窠 area of Wu Yi.  Zheng Yan (正岩) refers to the innermost protected area of the Wu Yi Heritage site.  It's a protected area separate from the scenic area and outsiders are not allowed inside.  The "Zheng Yan Growing Area" refers to these tea gardens: tiānxīn yán/天心岩, mǎ tóu yán/马头岩, huìyuàn/慧苑, zhú kē/竹窠, bì shí/碧石, yànzi kē/燕子窠, jiǔlóng kē/九龙窠, yù cháyuán/御茶园, yù huā dòng/玉花洞, shuǐ lián dòng/水帘洞, fo guó/佛国, táohuā dòng/桃花洞, guìlín/桂林, sān yǎng fēng děng děng/三仰峰等等.

Qian Li Xiang is a medium to light level of roast.  The roasting is done over a period of two weeks to bring out it's incredible fragrance.  The taste is floral, thick and sweet with no real astringency.  Qian Li Xiang is a rare rock tea that has an incredibly unique taste and aroma.

May 2018 Harvest

Roasted and rested for 4 months before offered for sale!

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