Naka Mountain Aromatic Bamboo Raw Pu-erh Tea * Spring 2016

$6.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Weight: 1 Stick (Approximately 60 Grams of Tea)

First flush of spring Na Ka mountain tea is gradually steam softened and tamped down into bamboo sections in fire pits.  This aromatic bamboo is unique to Menghai area and is different from Dehong aromatic bamboo.  Small fire pits are dug in the village ground and are stoked with bamboo charcoal.  The bamboo sections are placed closed end down into the fire pits, as the bamboo heats up the aromatic water vapor in the bamboo sections is released and the steam permeates the tea inside.  The sun-dried mao cha is gradually pushed into the hot steaming section of bamboo, and tamped down as it becomes softened by the steam.  Once the bamboo sections are filled with tea the sections are allow to roast in the fire a while longer before being removed to a kind of oven room where they are allowed to dry for 2 or 3 days.  The charred bamboo sections are then removed and will be processed into bamboo charcoal for further use. The tea itself is subtly aromatic with floral tones.  The tea brews easily and isn't too fussy.  The tea liquor is golden yellow and transparent.  With aging this tea will develop orchid aromas with a hint of sugarcane. 

Produced in 2016

Roughly 60 grams per stick (+/- 10 grams)