Metal Stand for holding Strainer and Tea Tools

$14.40 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

This rust-proof, gold-colored metal stand has been specially designed to conveniently position the strainer over the cup or cha hai, and therefore eliminate the need to constantly move the strainer back and forth every time you pour tea! It also has a place for holding tea tools such as tongs. Pleasing to the eye and a fantastic addition to any tea table.

May be ordered as a set which includes the stand, a purple clay strainer and bamboo tongs; or as the stand alone. (Cha hai's and cups are not included).

Stand Dimensions: height of placing area between base and top - 12.5cm, diameter of strainer holding area - 6.5cm, cha hai/cup holding area - 8cm x 9cm, diameter of tool holding area - 3cm, total heightxlengthxwidth - 14cm x 13cm x 7.5cm

Length of Tongs: 18cm

Strainer Dimensions: diameter at top - 8.5cm, diameter at bottom - 3.5cm, height - 3.5cm

** Please be aware that the screws holding the stand together may require minor tightening with a phillips screwdriver upon receiving the product **