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Menghai Ultra-Mini 7 Gram Raw Pu-erh Tea Cakes

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Brand: Peng Cheng Tea Factory

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Our ultra-mini raw pu-erh tea cakes are just 7 grams each.  These yin yang imprinted mini cakes are made from Bu Lang Mountain harvested spring 2017 tea leaves.  The tea is strong in taste with some bitterness and astringency, and long lasting sweetness with hints of smoke.

Each hand woven bamboo case holds 12 tongs, 7 cakes per tong.  If you purchase a whole case you will get 84 mini cakes in the bamboo case.  Each mini cake is roughly 7 grams (+/- 0.5 grams).

There are two versions of wrappers, one says 班章 Ban Zhang.  We are not claiming this tea is from Ban Zhang.  It's definitely not!

Produced by Peng Cheng Tea Factory of Menghai