Mei Zhan Wu Yi Rock Oolong Tea * Spring 2017

$9.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Mei Zhan is a varietal is originally from Anxi area of Fujian, and has been grown in Wu Yi for more than 80 years.  It's also growing in Fuding and is used for both black tea (Bai Lin Gong Fu) and white tea (Bai Mao Hou).  It's a drought resistant varietal that adapted well to the rocky conditions in Wu Yi.  Our Mei Zhan grows at an altitude of 900 meters.

The tea has a strong thick taste, with notes of fruit, sweet corn, flowers and that mineral "rock taste" that Wu Yi is known for.  The roasting is done over a few weeks resulting in a finely crafted light-medium roast rock tea.

May 2017 Harvest