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Lao Zi Ni "Persimmon" Yixing teapot * 85ml

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Brand: Li Jing

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Original Old Purple Clay of Yixing is clay used for this lovely artisan crafted teapot.  Shi Piao (aka water ladle) style teapots are fast pouring and low profile making them an elegant addition to your teapot collection.

Lao Zi Ni (lit. old purple clay) is suitable for brewing Pu-erh tea and Oolong tea.  It prefers less oxidized teas like Raw Pu-erh and Jade Oolongs (like Tie Guan Yin).

[Artist Name]  Li Jing

[Product Name] Persimmon Teapot

Volume:  85ml

Every pot is hand-made and the artisan will sometimes change the stamps they use. There may also be some slight differences in the color, handle shape, and volume. It's not possible for us to re-take the pictures for each new batch of teapots that we receive from this artisan. Some differences in the color and shininess of the actual teapot you receive as compared to the one in the photographs may also be due to light conditions when the photographs are taken. Thanks for your understanding!