Imperial Pure Gold Bi Luo Chun Black Tea of Feng Qing

$6.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

This is the purest gold bi luo chun black tea we have ever offered!  Just the buds from Autumn harvest tea leaves growing Feng Qing were picked and processed without the slightest inconsistency into this elegant pure gold black tea.  After the tea was processed into the finished tea, the tea was hand picked through to remove any tea that was not perfectly shaped or not pure gold in color.  The result is a very elegant looking tea that not only looks amazing but is very smooth to drink as well.

The brewed tea is sweet, with notes of malt and roasted sweet potato.  Being from Feng Qing it also has a earthiness to it, but it's very subtle.  Mostly the tea is sweet and malty, while being thick and full bodied in the mouth.  It's also worth noting that this tea is very infusable, surprisingly so for being a pure bud pick. 

Autumn 2016 Harvest

Feng Qing County, Lincang prefecture of Yunnan