Hua Zuo "Liver Support" Flower and Herbal Tea Box

$16.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Quantity: 1 Box (15 Servings / 50 Grams)

This is one of the five sets of Flower and Herbal tea blends under the "Hua Zuo Brand"  It's called 舒肝饮  (lit. Liver Support), and is designed to support healthy liver function.

Ingredients / 原料:
野葛花:Flower of Lobed Kudzu Vine
决明子:Semen Cassiae (Catsia tora Lin)

There are 15 single serving pouches in each tea box.
Each serving contains around 3.35 grams of tea
Net (tea) weight:50 grams
Gross weight (including packaging):230 grams

How to Brew:
You can brew either western style in a glass cup (like pictured) or in a bowl just letting it sit for 3-5 minutes.  Or you could brew in a gaiwan gong fu style with shorter infusions.  Either way I'd recommend using 90C up to 100C water.

* please consult with your physician before purchasing or using this product if you have concerns about consuming any of the ingredients in these blends.