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Hua Ning Pottery "Celadon Green on Red Clay" Tall Cup 110ml

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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Hua Ning town is near Jiangchuan in Yuxi County of Yunnan.  Hua Ning clay pottery has a history that goes back 600 years or more.  The famous "yao bian" kiln of Hua Ning is an unforgiving high temperature kiln.  In the old days it was said that "10 went in and 3 came out, and 7 broken".  Now in modern times the breakage is typically only 20-30% but is high in comparison with Jian Shui kilns (about 15%) and Yixing's famous Dragon Kiln (about 18% breakage rate).  The high mineral composition of Hua Ning clay gives it an elegant yet textured look and feel and lends well to tea brewing.

Hua Ning pottery "as yellow as gold, green as emerald, white as suet, blue as precious stones,and purple as Jian Qi's magic sword.

This tall and large cup is entirely hand crafted (not slip-cast) and has a celadon green style glazing (inside and out).

110ml volume per cup