High Mountain "Walnut Fragrance" Dan Cong Oolong Tea * Spring 2018

$6.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

This is a high elevation Dan Cong oolong, crafted from older tea trees, many as tall as 3 meters.  The high mountain environment provides cool air year round, a large daily temperature range and plenty of strong sunlight.  All of these factors are ideal for producing a strong tasting tea that can be steeped many times will still retaining flavor.

Walnut Fragrance (桃仁香) Dan Cong is a unique varietal that when processed develops into a unique and memorable tea.  There is a raw walnut taste and fragrance, a golden bright tea soup and long-lasting sweetness in the mouth.  There is some walnut like bitterness but it transforms into sweetness quickly.

A unique tea from the high mountain area of Wu Dong (1100 meters).