High Mountain "Lao Xian Ong" Dan Cong Oolong from Li Zai Ping Village * Spring 2017

$9.25 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Lao Xian Ong ("Ong" is local dialect for "Weng") 老仙翁 (meaning is Old and Venerable Immortaln) is a varietal of Dan Cong with more than a 1000 years of history.  The oldest living tree is in Li Zai Ping, this "Mother Tree" is 400 years old and still producing.  Our offering was grown at 1150 meters (this is considered "High Mountain")  and comes from bushes and trees between 40 and 100 years old.

Lao Xian Ong is a medium-small leaf size, with dark-olive pigmentation. During rolled tight during processing and.  The tea is sweet, bitter, with a strong pungent taste and strong huigan.  The aroma is more subdued when compared with Song Zhong or Xing Ren Aroma Dan Cong's.  It makes up for that with it's strong cha qi, huigan and buttery body.


April 2017 harvest

Lao Xian Ong/Weng Varietal  老仙翁

Altitude: 1150 meters

Area: Li Zai Ping Village, Wu Dong Shan, Guangdong