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Hei Jin Gang Clay Rounded Cups for Gong Fu Tea * Set of 2

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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Hei Jin Gang clay 黑金钢沙 is a blend of Zi Ni (Purple Clay) and Bao Lan Zhu Ni.  It's dark in color with some purple and brown with a small amount of sand mixed in.  Porous and perfect for seasoning with Pu-erhs or Oolongs.  It's also good for Hei Cha (like Fu Brick, Tian Jian or Liu Bao).

Capacity:  65ml per cup 

Set of 2 cups

These cups can be dedicated for one kind of tea, or if you prefer to use them for different types of tea you can just give them a rinse between uses and you will be good to go!