Gold Mudan "Jin Mu Dan" Wu Yi Rock Oolong Tea * Spring 2018

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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Jin Mu Dan (金牡丹/Gold Mudan Flower) is a unique Wu Yi varietal which was first introduced more than 4 decades ago.  It's a hybrid of Tie Guan Yin and Huang Jin Gui (but is not quite the same as Anxi's Jin Guan Yin).  This varietal has oval-shaped leaves, some purple characteristics in the leaf and bid and has a thick leaf which makes it appropriate for roasting.

Our Jin Mu Dan is a Spring 2018 harvest (May) and the roasting level is medium but because it was done "respectfully" in many stages with lower temperatures, the tea has retained its character and complexity.

The taste of this tea has notes of black coffee and cannabis in the front and then transforms quickly in the mouth to floral and sweet.  Later infusions are very pleasant with a less pronounced bean taste and more sweetness.  Further aging will only bring this tea close to perfection (as the roast taste transforms).

Very infusable tea that will easily go 10-15 steeps brewed gong fu style.  A perfect tea for aging!

May 2018 Harvest

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