Feng Qing "Golden Pu-erh" Loose Ripe Pu-erh Tea

$7.00 USD

Brand: Loose Leaf Ripe Pu-Erh Tea

This "Golden Pu-erh" is made by a special process of fermentation. The tea is fermented in bags instead of piled and the fermentation period is more than 70 days, whereas normal Pu-erh is fermented for about 45 days. This particular "Golden Pu-erh" is composed entirely of buds. This slow fermented Pu-erh is sweet in taste with sugarcane tones and thick almost oily hui gan. The tea liquor is bronze-red like the tea leaf itself. A special tea with subtle but full and textured flavors!

Vintage: 2018 Harvest and Fermentation