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Feng Qing Classic 58 Dian Hong Premium Yunnan Black tea * Spring 2015

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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A premium Feng Qing black tea made entirely from first flush spring 2015 tea.  Small leaf/bud sets were hand-picked and expertly processed into this classic style of Dian Hong first mastered by the Feng Qing tea factory in 1958.  

The taste of "Classic 58 Dian Hong" is at malty, floral, sweet and slightly bitter all at once.  Very textured taste, pungent aroma and long-lasting feeling in the mouth!

- Small batch processing

- Limited quantity from this single family producer!

- Tea bushes are betwen 50 and 70 years old!

- Original Feng Qing tea bush varietal from Qing Dynasty!

Mid-March 2015 Harvest!