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Early Spring "Yunnan Mao Jian" Pure Bud Green Tea * Spring 2018

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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This Yunnan Mao Jian is a hybrid of northern small leaf Mao Jian and Yunnan large-leaf assamica.  This particular tea is grown in Ning'Er county of Simao and was picked in late February.

This is entirely a pure bud pluck and the dry leaf is very tippy and downy.  The leaves have been rolled to "break the mass" and are spindled in appearance.  Processing style is typical of green tea, so the aroma when brewed is incredibly full and textured!  The taste is sweet, with a little green tea umami to counter that floral sweetness. First flush of spring tea!

Harvest time: Late-February 2018

Region:  Ning'Er County of Simao (Yunnan Province)