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Dai Pottery Hand-Made Cha Hai

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Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

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These cha hai are made by local Xishuangbanna Dai People using the same clay and kiln firing techniques that have been used for centuries.   These are entirely hand-made from start to finish and require great skill to carve and scrape the patterns into being! 

Volume:  190ml-230ml (each varies, you don't get to choose)

Color Choice:  Black Clay or Red Clay (choose from menu just below the price)

Please note: These are hand-made from multi-layered clay, and after firing there can be quite a variance in the color of the clay, particularly on the inside of the bowl and lid, as well as the color in the grooves on the outside of bowl and lid.  If you are uncomfortable with some variance in coloring from the pictures please do not order this!  We do promise if you do order this item that it will be high quality, beautiful, and great for making tea!